Living A Brevive Life

A brevive life is all about balance of the spirit, mind & body while also living life on purpose.  It's about taking the steps to overcome fears, insecurities, past hurts, etc. so that you are no longer bound by people and things that no longer serve you.  Brevive comes from three words that are essential to this lifestyle: BREATHE - because you can and will get pass your current situation. RELAX, - as you prepare for your breakthrough. Revive - because there's growth in the journey and you're a better person for it.  You come out stronger, more confident, determined and triumphant.

The Healthy Living Personal Transformation Program

All of our programs are designed to help you move your life forward, which includes providing support and accountability,  We'll set goals, create a plan, and execute while building confidence and self-esteem. You are on this earth for something bigger and greater than where you  are, and we are here to help you reach it.

We offer individual, customized services that can be done over the phone or by video. Group sessions are done in person upon request of creating the group.

Why do we do phone/video for individual consults? First, because we help people all across the country so in person isn't an option.  Second, we've found that people are more authentic this way, and tend to speak freely.  Think of it as a confessional of sort.   We don't ask, but they may tell. 


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Couch. Comfort food. Sleep. Good grief!



If the comfort zone is no longer working, feel there has to be more to life, and ready to take ownership in changing it, but not quite ready for coaching, then say tootle loo to the old you and join our FREE Facebook Group. The group has valuable, proven, information and amazing people who are learning to let go and experience life at a new level.


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